Are people not watching your videos, or are you not sure where to get started? YOU are in the right place! Let’s grow your YouTube channel and social media with professional video edits. 

I dedicate my work to helping entrepreneurs captivate their ideal audience with video, and it is your chance to start now. Let’s talk more about how we can work together!

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I have a passion for video editing and YouTube!

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Creatively able to make a video STAND OUT to your audience.

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I have helped many new and growing YouTuber’s grow their channels!

From the moment I was born, I was painting, drawing, getting my hands in all things creative! As I got older, I grew to love everything about social media and found it to be a place that I could express myself fully!

One day I decided to make a YouTube video. Ever since that day almost 17 years ago, I was hooked! Making videos for my own channel was fun and all, but once I started to edit other YouTuber’s videos, I fell in love with the process even more. I specialize in taking raw footage from my clients and turn it in to something that their audience stays engaged with!

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