Can you edit a video for free?

I don’t provide services for free. Editing a video takes a lot of my time and this is my business, so I need to be compensated for my work. Once the contract is signed and the invoice is paid, I can provide you a video.

What is your pricing?

You can view my baseline pricing on my Work With Me page on my website. Every project is going to be different, so we can talk about what you are in need of in our initial call.

What is your turn around time?

My turn around time is usually 72 hours to a week, but I appreciate having more time if you are able to. If you need any revisions, add 48 hours more to the turn around time.

What is the process like?

When you reach out to me, you can set up a phone call with me on my booking page. On the phone call we will go over everything that you are looking for and how we can work together. After the phone call, you will receive an email from me in 24-48 hours of everything we went over on the phone call. Once you are ready to get started, I will send over a contract, invoice, and will set up Google Drive folders for you to upload your content in to.

What if I can’t use up all 4 videos in a month from the monthly package?

If you don’t use all 4 videos in a month with the 5 day leeway, the service will expire.