If you are feeling...

➡️ Stressed out about keeping up with your video content?

➡️ Editing your own videos is taking up WAY too much time?

➡️ Want to stay consistent and grow on YouTube?

➡️ Want to build trust with your ideal audience so they keep coming back?

This is what I provide:

➡️ Will take away the stress of having to edit your professional video

➡️ Free up your time by making simple Google Drive folders to upload your footage

➡️ Offer a monthly package for you to stay consistent

➡️ Work one on one with you to make the videos stand out to your audience

Client Love

Such a huge relief off my shoulders. She was fast, efficient and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her services!

Bianca – Simplified VA Services

Per Video Price

⚪️10 minutes of raw footage

⚪️Unlimited Cuts


⚪️Royalty-Free Music & Sound Effects

⚪️Motion Graphics


⚪️2 Free Revisions

Builds Trust

keeps you flexible

Takes the hastle off of you 

Starts at $135USD

YouTube Editing Package

⚪️4 videos a month

⚪️Unlimited Cuts


⚪️Royalty-Free Music & Sound


⚪️Motion Graphics


⚪️2 Free Revisions

Builds Trust

Increases Authority

Creates consistency

Starts at $575

YouTube Video Editing + More

⚪️YouTube Editing Package

⚪️Uploading/Scheduling video to


⚪️Optimized title, description,

tags, pinned comment to rank in search

⚪️Thumbnail creation

⚪️End screen + added card pop-ups

Builds Trust

grow your business

Takes the stress off of you

Starts at $850


This is a crucial part of the process for us to get to know each other. We will go over the process and I will ask questions to get a feel of what you are looking for.


Once these are completed, I will set up custom Google Drive folders for you to upload your content and then I can get started on editing your video!


I will send your video through Google Drive or upload it to YouTube depending on the package you have chosen. I offer 2 free revisions, but they are usually not necessary!